Helping Accord update their mobile communication devices

Affiliated to the TUC, Accord look after the interests of staff at the Lloyds Banking Group, TSB, Sainsbury’s Bank, MBNA and Equitable Life. The Accord Field Officers need to have access to, and record, information at their fingertips as an essential part of their operations. The existing mobile devices were starting to become unreliable and, even though small in size, were relatively heavy.

The Solution:

Following a field trial of one of the devices, HBC replaced all of their mobile devices with extremely small, fast and lightweight devices (including integrated keyboards) complete with 3G/4G/WiFi access to the internet allowing instant and secure communications with the office. To facilitate a smooth transition with no downtime, the devices were initially setup in our office. This allowed our engineers to meet with all of their representatives, when they came together for a meeting, and migrate them to their new devices in just one working day.

The Result:

Backed up with Service Guarantees, the representatives can feel confident that their new equipment will perform quickly and reliably for the next few years. In the event of a hardware breakdown, the manufacturer will travel to their location and replace the defective hardware or our Helpdesk can solve software issues remotely using our Bomgar highly secure remote access equipment.

The Evidence:

My team is based all over the UK, so it was particularly helpful that HBC set up the new devices at their offices before sending one of their experienced team to our quarterly meeting to finish set up with each of us individually. What could have been a long drawn out and painful transition went smoothly and we’re all delighted with the new kit.

Paula Tegg, Assistant General Secretary (Operations), Accord

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