Six reasons you need to backup your business data

Author: Kieron Doyle

Whatever your business, you are storing data in some form; it could be on your website, your contact list, your customer accounts, or even just your employee records. But are you backing up that data regularly? It’s something that slips off the priority list more often than you’d think, but data security is a big deal for any business and really shouldn’t be ignored. In this article, we’ve listed our top six reasons why.

No one is perfect

Human error is a key factor in a number of system breakdowns and could happen for any number of reasons. Either lack of understanding, honest mistake, a breach of security or a disgruntled employee, any of these scenarios could cause a risk to your business data.

Technology isn’t perfect, either

Although they are never designed that way, systems or technologies can fail or crash at any time and your data could be lost in an instant. A back up protects against the effects of such a crash by minimising the impact on you’, your employees and your clients.

Natural disaster

When the unthinkable happens and you see terrible incidents like floods, wildfires or earthquakes on the news, the focus is rightly on saving people and restoring their homes. Do you ever think about the effects on businesses? If computers and offices are destroyed and no data back up has been carried out, those businesses need to start from scratch; a long and costly process.

Competitive edge

If you do suffer a system failure and have to rebuild to any degree, you are losing detailed knowledge of your customer group and opening yourself up to competitors. Without data back up you can also lose credibility and trust should you ever fall foul of system hackers and lose valuable personal data. By keeping your data safe and secure you can retain that competitive edge.

Saving time on a swift recovery

If the worst ever does happen and you have a back up ready, your recovery can be a swift and simple process, however, if you don’t you could literally be starting from scratch. This would cost time, energy, and cause you reputational damage with your investors and clients that may never be made up.

Peace of mind

Overall, if you are regularly using a data back up system you can be confident that your business data, in whatever form you collect it, is safe and secure. If the worst does happen, it’s recoverable too.

If you avoid back up your business data you are putting yourself and your business at enormous risk. The reality is that sometimes things go wrong, and keeping your data safe is your insurance policy to protect your future, whether you need it or not. For more advice and information on data security, give Hampshire Business Computers a call today.

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