Is It Time to Make a Change to Outsourced IT Support?

Date: 26th January 2017
Author: Graham Barnes

For a small and medium sized businesses it is often the case that there are a small team of one or two IT professionals looking after all of the network and other aspects of technology for up to 100 people. For a while this is perfectly acceptable but you can keep an eye out for signs that you might need to start thinking about outsourcing your IT support.

A Build-Up of IT Requests

If you find that your IT support team are swamped with requests at all times and are putting out fires rather than looking to the long-term, it may be time to consider an upgrade in IT support.

Lack of Coherence in Prioritisation

A backlog of problems can lead to high priority problems being left behind, and sometimes, often, ‘easier’ requests get completed in advance. A lack of coherence and time management can cause further problems down the line.

Your Stock is Out-Dated

If your performance numbers are falling slightly it might not just be down to your staff effectiveness. Old computer stock and software can result in a slowing down of your positive results.

No Long-Term Plan

An overstretched IT department doesn’t have the time or wherewithal to design and implement a long-term strategy. A solid and flexible plan allows you to improve standards in-house, and as a result for your clients.

Give Hampshire Business Computers a call today and we’ll be able to help you identify the potential future problems you are facing, putting in a strategy of IT support to help your company move through growing pains with a little more ease.

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